CCIE certification and preparation – an overview

Doing technical certifications is becoming more common among the IT professionals. The technical certifications are done in order to get a standardized position in one’s career. The career growth of a person greatly depends upon the type of technical certification chosen by them. There are different types of technical certifications for different fields. The best certification which can be considered as the ideal option for the people who are into internetworking is CCIE. This examination will be conducted by Cisco Systems. The professionals who want to clear this examination must pass the written exam and the laboratory exam. The most important aspect about this certification is they have better reputation throughout the world. That is people who tend to clear this examination will gain better recognition in leading companies from different part of the world.

Written and lab exam

As mentioned above, CCIE involves both written and lab exam. The written exam will be of 120 minutes. The candidates who are about to write the written exam must answer 110 questions. The questions will be of multiple choice questions. Even though these are multiple choice questions, one must make the best preparation for writing this exam. Coming to the lab exam, it will be conducted for about 8 hours. Few years back, the lab exam was conducted as two different sessions in two days. But this is not the strategy in current trend. The lab exam should be completed within 8 hours in a day. Among these 8 hours, 5 hours and 30 minutes will be of configuration session. Two hours will be of troubleshooting session and 30 minutes will be diagnostic session.

Best selling guide

To prepare for the written exam at its best, one must make use of the best selling guide in the market. The guide will have all the concepts which are to be learnt for writing this exam without any constraint. This kind of guide will be a great boon for the people making their first attempt. The most important thing is by making use of this guide, they can clear the exam even in first attempt. Hence the best selling guide should be shopped for preparing for this examination. The bestselling book in the market can be easily ordered through online.

Online reviews

The online reviews on different guides will help in choosing the best CCIE guide available in the market. The reviews will have all the features of the book. By making use of the reviews, the candidates can prefer to choose the best guide. There are some online guide which tend to provide money back guarantee if the exam is not cleared in the first attempt. It is to be noted that the guides that tend to provide such promise for the candidates will be highly trustable. Along with this, certain websites tend to provide ccie recertification exam practice. In case if the candidates tend to have any doubt regarding the guide or preparation, they can make use of their online support team.