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Stryker and DePuy pay huge settlement amount for marketing defective products

There are thousands of Americans suffering from permanent injuries after a hip replacement surgery. The hip replacement implants used during the surgery manufactured by two most popular brands were defective and the implants corroded inside the victim’s body prematurely. This needed revision surgeries that incurred huge medical costs to the patients and their families. Many people claim that the revision surgeries could not also recover them fully that led to lifetime injuries for the victims. With thousands of victims suffering from a similar condition, individual lawsuits were filed against the manufacturers. The charges accused the two manufacturers Stryker Orthopaedics and DePuy for their negligence in inspecting the quality of the products before clearance. Also, they were charged with providing false information and misleading promotions of the products claiming that they are more durable than the other available alternatives in the market. The stryker hip implants lawsuit are currently being filled and the company has paid almost $2 billion to settle the litigations in the year 2013-14. Thousands of lawsuits are pending till date and the both the companies are liable to pay the compensation amount to the victims.

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DePuy on the other hand, paid more than $3 billion till 2015 to settle the claims against them for causing permanent injuries to the victims. Thousands of other cases are still pending at the court and both the companies have agreed to settle the claims within a stipulated time. In 2016, Stryker warned the surgeons and the patients about another product to be defective.  If you are one of the victims who has incurred huge medical bills and severe damage due to the hip replacement implants, this is the right time to file a lawsuit and demand compensation. The stryker hip implants lawsuit are currently being filled so you still have time to take legal actions against the company. It is always difficult to get over the trauma and loss after facing such difficulties and the complex legal procedures can stress you out further. So, you must seek legal help from the best personal injury lawyers in Central Florida to fight your case. The professional attorneys will analyze your case and represent your case in the court. The best attorneys and law firms come with a guarantee to win the case on your behalf and get you maximum benefits. To get a free consultation, call them up and discuss your case with the reputable lawyers. If you file a lawsuit, the lawyers will charge you nothing till you win the case and your claims are settled. So, don’t hesitate to call the best legal practitioners in your locality for superlative legal services. They are always there to help you and give you the best monetary benefits. Thus, choose the most trusted attorneys to get a better future ahead with optimum financial security.