Tips for mothers to take care of themselves before the baby arrives.

Pregnancy is a life changing experience not only for the mother but also for everyone attached to the baby. It may be the most gratifying experience to see your baby do well in life, but at the same time it is an equally demanding job that has no respite. Pregnancy tests not only the mother but also everyone else in the household in numerous ways. However the mother has to feel positive and physically happy every moment of her gestation for the baby to be happy and healthy.

So here are 8 tips to keep the mother and consequently her baby in proper health and happiness.

  • Staying healthy: The very basic way to ensure that the child is perfectly healthy is for the mother to cut down on her unhealthy habits. The mother must take all possible measures to ensure the health of her child. From avoiding places that are too crowded and polluted, to cutting down on smoking and drinking, to following pregnancy food tips in Hindi Staying healthy should be the mother’s top priority.
  • Staying positive: It is generally believed that the baby feeds off of the mother’s emotional state as well. So for the mother to feel positive and optimistic about life and pregnancy is extremely essential for the baby’s mental and physical well being.
  • Proper nutrition: The most important aspect of taking care of a pregnant woman is to ensure and timely nutrition through a balanced and timely diet rich in various nutrients including but not limited to fiber, calcium, etc. A pregnancy diet must contain a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables, beans and whole grains. There are numerous such pregnancy food guides in Hindi available everywhere for women to follow.

  • Proper hydration: Drinking enough water and other good fluids are equally important for a pregnant woman. One should try to intake eight to ten glasses of water every day and avoid caffeine at all costs.
  • Prenatal vitamins: The key to good health of the mother and a strong healthy baby are the prenatal vitamins taken by the pregnant woman. The essential nutrients like folic acid, iron etc. help in development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord well within the first half of the first trimester. These essential vitamins should be taken orally by the mother as per suggestions by the pediatrician.
  • Exercise regularly: Every mother should try to remain active through regular exercise. This would not only help in regulating the mother’s weight but also keeps the mind fresh and positive. This good habit of exercising would also be really good for the child in future.
  • Comfort matters: All expecting mothers should try to remain as comfortable as possible. They must wear non restrictive natural fabrics that are breathable. And also wear shoes that help keeping the comfort of the mother to a maximum.
  • Doctor on call: All the stages of pregnancy can be quite stressful and challenging especially for first timers. It is very important to visit your doctor routinely to help you through the confusion.

Every pregnant woman requires special treatment be it at home or at workplace. Because being a mother is the very special feeling.