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How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port Iphone 12. The easiest method that you can use to try and get water out of your iphone’s camera is burying the device in rice or between packets of silica gel. Open your mac and remove the logic board (s) inspect the logic board, especially around the connectors and look for corrosion.

How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port Iphone 12 inspire
How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port Iphone 12 inspire from

Hold your iphone with the lightning port facing down, then gently tap it with your palm to ease liquid out of the port. This will take a lot of poking and scraping. If your phone has some moisture trapped inside, you should keep it upright to drain the liquid.

First Off, Turn The Phone Off.

This is a preventative measure added to avoid corrosion, and you will still be able to charge with a wireless charger on supported devices. Wait for at least 30 minutes before using your device again. When there's water in your usb port, one of the first instincts you get might be to blow into it to dry it out.

The Easiest Method That You Can Use To Try And Get Water Out Of Your Iphone’s Camera Is Burying The Device In Rice Or Between Packets Of Silica Gel.

Remove the lightning accessory and dry out the moisture. It’s also best to dip a cotton ( a q tip) in alcohol then clean the charging port since it could have some residue build up which could also be. Continue to do this until the debris starts to come loose.

So I Figured What Happened Was Salt Water Got Into The Charging Port And Shorted Out The Connections, Hence The Earlier Messages.

In this process, you should not shake the phone or blow the lightning port. Place your iphone in an open, ventilated, dry space. Check to see if water is in the microphone or speaker:

I Have An Iphone 6 So This May Not Apply To Everyone.

You'll see a bit of gunk come out on the toothpick. If your iphone or lightning accessory is wet. Inspect both sides of the board.

After Reading These Forums I Decided To Take Some Advice To Clean The Salt Water Out With Fresh Water So 2 Days Later I Submerged The Bottom Of The Phone And Poured Water Inside The Port To Flush Out Any Salt Water.

The first method is to comply with the message procedure. So, make sure you use one of the suggested methods above instead. Apple’s solution to fixing wet iphone;

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